[UPDATE] PS Vita firmware 2.11 is now live

UPDATE: Official word from the PlayStation forum states that the PlayStation Vita firmware update includes the aforementioned improvement of system stability, and it also stabilizes "the playback of certain titles."

ORIGINAL: Sony has released the newest firmware version for its award-winning handheld console PlayStation Vita.

Official firmware version 2.11 releases shortly after the PS Vita received update 2.10, which allowed owners to organize applications and games into folders, identify which game is in the handheld, and many other substantial hotfixes.

Normally, each update includes details regarding what changes are being applied. However, firmware update 2.11 did not come with any sort of information about features or improvements. At this point, it can be easily assumed that this update stabilizes some minor issues within the PS Vita software, especially considering the fact that this update is not mandatory.

If anyone has had any issues with the PS Vita that are remedied with firmware 2.11, let us know below.