[UPDATE] PS3 firmware update 3.15 to add ‘minis’ support


Firmware 3.15 is now live and available to download.


An optional PlayStation 3 software update, version 3.15, will soon be available, and with it comes support for ‘minis’ and a feature that enables you to easily transfer data from one PS3 to another. The update, as posted today on the European PlayStation Blog, will be available very soon.

This latest firmware update will essentially create a minis emulator to play on your PS3. These smaller games originally launched in October for the PSP, and by Dec. 17, you will also be able to play them on your PS3. If you already downloaded a minis game for your PSP, you can still download it on your PS3 for free through the PlayStation Store.  

The other major feature with firmware 3.15 is the PS3 data transfer feature. This feature will allow you to easily transfer all of your saved data from one PS3 to another system. This will make the process of purchasing a new PS3 a whole lot easier as you won’t lose any of your existing content. You can transfer data such as games, game save data, and videos downloaded from the PlayStation Network and you will have to delete the files from the old system. Personal media files, like photos, music, and videos, can be copied to the new PS3 without having to delete them on the old system.