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[UPDATE] TGS 09: RE5: Alternative Edition unveiled, will use PS3 wand


Fan website has got its mitts on the first teaser footage of RE5: Alternative Edition’s bonus content at TGS this week. As earlier rumors had suggested, the new side game featured in this re-release does indeed feature both Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, and appears to be based on the BSAA’s investigation at the Spencer Estate as depicted in Redfield’s flashback in the main game. We’ll have more details as they break.


Resident Evil 5 producer Jun Takeuchi confirmed at the Tokyo Game Show this week that Capcom plans on re-releasing the popular action/horror romp next year under the moniker of RE5: Alternative Edition.

According to Takeuchi-san, this revamped version will be fully compatible with Sony’s motion-sensing controller, with gamers able to utilize both the wand and DualShock 3 pad when playing the game. An icon will appear on-screen for aiming purposes, similar to Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition.

Elsewhere, the game will also apparently feature a host of extra content as requested by fans, though Takeuchi didn’t divulge any specific details on the matter. However, speculation doing the rounds on the web suggests a new scenario staring Jill Valentine (fuelled by a recent interview with Valentine’s voice actress, Patricia Ja Lee, who has apparently recorded fresh dialogue for the game) will feature, as well as the extra costumes previously only featured in the PC edition of the title.

Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition is currently pencilled in for release in Japan in Spring 2010, with a western release yet to be confirmed. Expect a teaser trailer for the game later this week.