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Using PS5 Vertically Can Reportedly Damage The Console Permanently Due To A Design Flaw By Sony

A report on Wololo.net has revealed that using the PS5 from a vertical position is going to do some serious damage over time due to a major design flaw on Sony’s part.

While Sony officials and numerous tech websites have said that it doesn’t matter which way the PS5 is used, a number of hardware experts and console retail shops two years after launch have found that using it vertically can damage the system permanently.

The problem lies with the fact the liquid metal used to cool the APU is prone to spilling and becoming uneven, which impacts the cooling. The owner of ILoveMyConsole, a retail shop in France, has been trying to raise this issue to a wider audience for months now, claiming that this problem is not an isolated issue.

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He claims that there’s a high risk for PS5s that are being used vertically for a lengthy period of time, and isn’t just limited to one model, with both the Standard and Digital-Only Editions impacted. The problem lies with the PS5’s seal between the APU and its cooler can sometimes move or become damaged.

However, if the PS5 is positioned horizontally, the liquid metal will remain flat and the majority of its thermal properties will be used to help cool the console. If “something” bad happens to the seal when stood vertically, there’s a high risk that the liquid metal will progressively fall down, impacting the cooling ability and even reaching components it otherwise shouldn’t.

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