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V Rising PS5 Release Date And Early Access Confirmed

Stunlock Studios has announced that V Rising will launch for PS5 on June 11, 2024 with pre-orders now available on the PlayStation Store.

Players will have access to the standard version of V Rising as well as the Legacy of Castlevania Edition for $59.99 or the Complete Edition for $99.99. The latter features not only the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack and base game, but also the Sinister Evolution Pack, Dracula’s Relics Pack, and Eldest Bloodline Pack.

The biggest perk that both these editions include however is offering five days early access to V Rising, allowing you to stin your teeth into the action from June 6.

If you haven’t been keeping up with V Rising, the game sees you exploring a sumptuous gothic open-world ripe with mythical horror and dangers, with players sticking to the shadows during daylight hours before embracing the night and preying on your victims.

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V Rising allows you to traverse its vast landscape — from lush forests, dark caverns to open countrysides — with vampire comrades or hunt solo, pillaging villages, riding bandits and gathering resources and ancient techniques to forge your own castle. Here, you’ll store your hard-earned loot and raise an army of darkness while mastering your own abilities, tailoring your vampire to fit your own play style with spells and unholy abilities.

V Rising will sink its fangs into PS5 on June 11.