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Vacation Simulator Release Date Announced

Vacation Simulator Release Date

We already knew Vacation Simulator would be arriving on PSVR at some point this summer, but now we have an exact release date: the 18th June.

Developer Owlchemy Labs made the announcement yesterday over on the PlayStation Blog, during which it also introduced us to two of the devices players will be enjoying when the game releases in three months’ time.

Vacation Simulator Release Date and the Importance of Emergent Gameplay

The two devices in question are the Waffler and Shrubafier which, according to Owlchemy’s Chris Wade, provide plenty of possibilities for emergent gameplay. Something which is central to the game as a whole.

Emergent gameplay is when mechanics combine together in complementary ways, often making a new experience that is greater than the sum of its parts. Building a game this way is awesome, because it helps players create unique and memorable moments and adds lasting depth.

We’ve experimented with these concepts in our earlier title… In Vacation Simulator, we dug even deeper and filled our open world with tons of interactive objects and connected systems to encourage emergent gameplay.

Explained Wade, before giving a few examples of how this would work with the aforementioned Waffler.

Maybe you need a pink fish but can’t find any pink food around — but there is that pink flamingo statue by the garden. With a bit of creativity, you can use the waffler to turn that pink flamingo statue into an edible pink waffle, and voila… pink fish!

Saving the Shrubafier

The Shrubafier, on the other hand – which, incidentally, does exactly what it says on the tin – required a bit more thought.

Building the Shrubafier brought up so many tough questions that the entire thing was almost cut — multiple times! What happens if you shrub an edible item? A watering can? A wearable hat? Ultimately, we decided to double down and embrace chaos instead of playing it safe, and we’re happy with the result.

The key with this feature was meeting expectations.

VR experiences are unique and powerful — you aren’t just pressing buttons and looking at a screen, you’re in the world and using your own hands to manipulate objects. This makes it all the more disappointing when things don’t respond the way you expect. We met as many expectations as we could, and when we couldn’t, we relied on our other tried and true Owlchemy strategy: jokes!

Naturally, as Wade himself said, these are but two examples of the various emergent systems featured in Vacation Simulator. “There’s a lot more interconnected chaos where that came from”.

Source: PlayStation Blog