Valve: "We’re not PS3 developers"

Most of us are more than aware that Valve seems to dislike the PlayStation 3. This has never more evident; they hired someone else to port The Orange Box over to the PS3. As we’re sure most of you agree, that was a complete disaster as EA botched the port almost 100%. With Valve’s upcoming title, Left 4 Dead, set to release on just the PC and 360, it almost leaves you wondering, "What about the PS3?" According to Valve, if someone is willing to port the game over to the PS3, we could be getting the chance to take a gander at the zombie-shooter.

Lombardi told CVG, "We’re not PS3 developers – we’re doing PC and 360 like with Orange Box. EA came to us and said ‘Wow, Orange box was an incredible project, can we do a PS3 version?’

"If you mention a new Half-Life, people want to make as many versions of it as possible. If Left 4 Dead is big, then we may see a PS3 version later, or if and when we do a sequel, people may be more interested in that. We’re only 150 people, so there’s only so many things we can do. But it’s one of those things with partners, wanting to take on that investment and risk. I think until L4D is proven, you’ll probably just see what we make in that franchise."

From these comments you can take away that there is still some possibility that we may get to experience Valve’s next shooter; however, we’ll have to wait and see at what expense considering their last licensed port offering from EA was less than desirable in terms of quality. If any publishers jump at the chance to have the opportunity to bring it the PS3, we’ll keep you guys updated.