Vampire Rain: Altered Species confirmed for PS3

AQ Interactive has confirmed that it will be bringing the stealth action title Vampire Rain: Altered Species to the PlayStation 3 with all-new exclusive features later this year.

Developed by Artoon (Blue Dragon, Yoshi’s Island DS), the game centres on West Coast US city plagued by a powerful vampire race known as “Nightwalkers.” Players assume control of a US agent named John Lloyd, the only human being ever known to survive an encounter with the Nightwalkers, as he attempts to stop them at all costs

In addition, the immersive and lengthy single player campaign will also be supplement by a “robust” multiplayer experience.

Naoto Ōshima, President of Artoon, commented: “We are very excited to bring Vampire Rain: Altered Species to the PlayStation 3.”

"The incredible power of the PS3, will allow us to give gamers a fully immersive experience. This will include: 5.1 channel audio, over 50 hours of gameplay, extra bonus levels, a lot of completely revamped animations, character interactions and much more."

Stay tuned.