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Vampire Survivors Is Coming To PS5, PS4 This Summer, And It’ll Arrive With A Contra DLC Called Operation Guns

Poncle’s smash-hit Vampire Survivors will finally be making its way to PlayStation, announced today during the Triple-I Initiative Showcase.

It’ll arrive on both PS5 and PS4 sometime in Summer 2024, and when it does it’ll arrive with a brand new Contra DLC for the game titled Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns.

This announcement is a moment PlayStation fans have been waiting for since Vampire Survivors launched in 2022, and now we can all rejoice in knowing it will in fact be happening.

The Contra DLC, Operation Guns is another big surprise, and looks like a perfect match when getting a sneak peak at the gameplay in its reveal trailer.

It won’t be available on current Vampire Survivors platforms until May, and it’ll be there on PlayStation when the game arrives on PS5 and PS4.

The DLC will include 11 new characters, 22 new weapons, a brand new stage and six new additions to the soundtrack that blends Contra classics with Vampire Survivors for a unique remix.

While we don’t have a dedicated release date to look forward to, PlayStation players can rest easy in the knowledge that Vampire Survivors will indeed be on PS5 and PS4 very soon

You can check out the reveal trailer for yourself, below.

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