Vampyr on PS4 looks stunning in these moody new screenshots

DontNod Entertainment has unleashed a grisly new batch of screenshots for its upcoming gothic-flavored action-RPG, Vampyr. 

Check them out below.

Vampyr is in development for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One and will be released at some point next year. Expect more details to drop at E3 next month.

Set during the aftermath of the Great War, Vampyr takes place in Victorian London during the height of the Spanish Flu pandemic that swept the city from 1918-1920, leaving thousands dead. Players control a doctor named Jonathan Reid, who recently contracted vampyrism and must come to terms with his undead nature.

While feeding on Londoners will grant you access to increased abilities linked to your vampyric nature, doing so will have directly consequences that will affect the game’s story. Players will also battle against human and mythical foes with a variety of weapons and abilities throughout the game.