Vanquish screenshots, details released

Screenshots and details were released today for Platinum Games‘ upcoming third-person action-shooter Vanquish. Platinum Games is best known for its two previous titles, Bayonetta, and the critically acclaimed Mad World.

According to Sega, the game is a sci-fi shooter, set in the near future, where Russia has destroyed San Francisco using re-directed solar energy from a captured U.S. space station.  


Players will take control of, wait for it – a futuristic battle suit touting soldier known only by his monosyllabic first name (in this case it’s "Sam"). There is however, an interesting twist in that "Sam also has an array of martial arts skills," and of course this hot little number doesn’t hurt either.

All in all, we’re looking forward to this new title and can’t wait to hear more.

Check out more screens here.