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Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition Has An ‘Embarrassing’ BoxArt Error

The Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition physical edition is facing a major problem. The disc version of shoot ‘em up video game shipped into retailers for release yesterday, but there's a big mistake in the artwork.

On the PS Vita box art it states that the game should arrive with a digital soundtrack and a Studio booklet containing artwork. But, as one unlucky player found out when he opened the box, those items are not inside.

velocity 2x critical mass edition vita

The image of the box art which details incorrectly what the Vita version of Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition physical edition are all over the web, listed at retailers. It's a PR nightmare for BadLand Publishing, who have already been contacted by one disgruntled customer on Twitter.

This error seems to apply to the US version only, and BadLand later released the following statement:

“We are sad and frustrated to discover that the US Vita release of Velocity 2X mistakenly features cover graphics from the PS4 version, which promise an OST CD and studio booklet. We are deeply embarrassed and apologise on behalf of our publisher for the lack of quality assurance.”

These extra additions are available in the PS4 version of Velocity 2X Critical Mass Edition, while the Vita version includes: the Critical Urgency Expansion with six extra levels, the Daily Sprint expansion and the Dual Core expansion with 10 extra levels.

Velocity 2X is a stunning shooter that's well worth picking up, so we do hope there's not too many angry customers!