Velvet Assassin showing no love for PS3

For those of you hoping to jump in the skintight leather pants of Violette Summer and thwart German Nazi’s on your PlayStation 3 next year, you may be in for a disappointment.

Speaking with, a Gamecock representative confirmed that Replay Studios is not developing a PS3 version of Velvet Assassin.

"Unfortunately there will not be a PS3 version of Velvet Assassin," said the representative. "The reason being that Replay Studios started off as a PC development team, then branched into 360 development as the transition was ‘relatively simple’, but their engine does not support PS3."

However, if you are still up for killing Nazi’s and running sabotage missions in a World War II setting, keep in mind Pandemic is working on a new title called Saboteur, which will be hitting store shelves in 2009.