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Visual Concepts Austin Suffers Job Losses

A number of developers working at Visual Concepts Austin have been laid off by 2K, including Brad Bowling, who worked as art manager for the company.

Bowling confirmed on his LinkedIn page that himself and a number of his colleagues were let go from Visual Concepts Austin, making the studio the latest in a sadly large number of game developers that have suffered layoffs since the beginning of the year.

Well, the games industry bloodletting continues. Today Visual Concepts Austin laid off myself and a group of very talented developers. I have had a great time over the past couple of years working with some of the finest Game Devs in the industry. Over the past 23 years of making game art, I have seen some downturns but nothing like this.

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Sydney F, a software engineer, also revealed that they had been let go by the studio:

Well, after a great year of working at Visual Concepts Austin it’s sad to say I’ve been laid off as of today, along with several other amazing colleagues,” they wrote. “I will miss all of those that I worked with greatly. It’s definitely rough as it’s only been a year and a half since I was previously laid off as well. Even in this tough market I found a job once, I can hopefully do it again.

Visual Concepts Austin has worked on a number of high-profile franchises, including the WWE 2K2 and NBA 2K. As mentioned, there have already been a huge number of layoffs across the games industry this year, with Microsoft recently announcing it would let go of some 1,900 employees, many of which come from developers working at Activision Blizzard.

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