Voting begins for fifth Skullgirls DLC character

After the Skullgirls development team was laid off from Reverge Labs, the dedicated folks came back together as Lab Zero Games. After a hugely successful IndieGoGo campaign, Lab Zero made plans for five DLC characters: Robo Fortune, Squigly, Big Band, and two winners of fan votes.

The vote to decide the fourth DLC character started with 32 characters, but fans chose Eliza as their first character. Now, the final vote is down to the final round with just ten characters left on the chopping block. Only one will claim the honor of being the fifth DLC character.

Personally, I started off rooting for Minette, but after seeing some excellent concept moves for Venus, I ended up on the official Skullgirls tumblr. Before long, my fickle heart fell out of love with the fish and in love with the goddess.

Voting in this final round opened around midnight last night, and will stay open until Wednesday, so if you donated to the IndieGoGo campaign, check your e-mail for your vote link and vote for Venus. Check out the images in our game gallery to see who could make it into the game next! Who do you think should win?