Wal-Mart Canada sale hints at 80GB price drop?

Wal-Mart Canada is celebrating its anniversary with a sale no potential PS3 owner should pass up. Instead of paying $659 for a PlayStation 3, the retailer has dropped the price by $110, listing the 80GB bundle for only $559.

As seen in the ad, the 80GB model comes with MotorStorm and a PS3 Blu-ray Remote. According to Dailytech, a quick survey of Wal-Mart stores in west Canada found that most were sold out of the 60GB PS3 and only stocked the 80GB model.

Some believe that this move may be an early look into Sony’s plans for an overall price drop. Others say that it’s just Wal-Mart forecasting sales, and pricing their products at an appropriate selling point. Fingers crossed Sony will announce an official price drop of this magnitude.

Stay tuned for more updates.