War Thunder Battle of Britain weekend event lands ahead of update 1.71

The War Thunder Battle of Britain weekend event begins right now and runs until September 18.

Gaijin Entertainment is commemorating the Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Day with a showdown against other players where the first person to destroy eight enemies wins. The winner will receive 120,000 Silver Lions, and all players that participate will be given 15,000 Silver Lions.

The War Thunder Battle of Britain event revolves around the Spitfire series, which played a big part in the World War Two battle.

The event lands prior to War Thunder update 1.71, which will include the following features:

  • Two version of Japan’s naval dive bomber – the D4Y Suisei
  • New additions to the Japanese air forces research tree

Further details on the patch have yet to be revealed, and Gaijin has yet to confirm a release date.

Source: War Thunder site