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War Thunder Winter Event 2018 incoming as update 1.75 lands

war thunder winter event

Get set for the War Thunder Winter Event, which is due to launch very soon, and get downloading the new War Thunder update 1.75!

At the moment, we're waiting for firm details as to what will feature in the War Thunder Winter Event, but what we do know is they'll be collectible vehicles, new items and decals, and a special promo.

War Thunder Winter Event details so far

At this point, we know that four new vehicles are definitely going to be made available, though the stats are yet to be revealed.

Check out the upcoming War Thunder aircraft.

American P-40C

French Fw-190A-8

British AEC Mk II

German Panther Ersatz M10

war thunder winter event vehicles

We're expecting more details on the Winter Event in the coming days.

War Thunder update 1.75

Meanwhile War Thunder update 1.75 has launched. Dubbed “La Resistance” you can now play with French tanks!

There's also new aircraft, additional locations and support mechanics for light vehicles and automatic camo change.

The following aircraft have been confirmed in War Thunder update 1.75.

  • France H-75A-1, H-75A-4, MS.405C1, MS.406C1 and V-156-F
  • Britain Whirlwind Mk.I, Corsair F.Mk.II (Premium) and V-156-B1
  • USA SB2U-3, SB2U-2, AD-4 and F3D-1
  • USSR Yak-2 KABB, Yak-4 and Yak-23
  • Japan D4Y1 and F-86F-40

War Thunder update 1.75 patch notes

Location and mission updates

  • New missions added for the “Maginot Line”: [Conquest 1], [Conquest 2], [Conquest 3], [Domination], [Battle].
  • New missions added for the “Middle East”:[Conquest 1], [Conquest 2], [Conquest 3], [Domination], [Battle].
  • All missions for the “Fields of Poland” location have been reworked, the battle area has been increased by 3-4 km. The mission is available in custom battles.
  • All missions for the “Sands of Tunisia” location have been reworked. The mission is available in custom battles.
  • Spawn protection mechanics have been added for “Fields of Poland”, “Sands of Tunisia” and “Middle East” locations.
  • Runway length has been increased for the “Fulda” location airfields.
  • In tank test drive mission an air target is only available whilst driving an SPAA.


Automatic camo choice option has been added. The camo will be chosen depending on the location (urban, desert, winter etc.) If the vehicle doesn't have suitable camo then standard camouflage will be chosen.

The mini-map will now display markers for destroyed vehicles (both enemies and allies). Once a target is destroyed its marker will flicker and grow dim, remaining visible on a minimap for 10 seconds.

Game mechanics

Scouting feature:

In order to scout the environment in Arcade mode just select a target and push the “Scout” button (may be bound in the settings). After that an enemy marker will become visible for all your teammates for 30 seconds.

In Realistic mode you will have to use binoculars or sight (sniper) view. Once in this view put your crosshairs on an enemy vehicle and press the “Scout” button. After that a marker will appear over the enemy vehicle and will be updated for 30 seconds.

All allies will receive the recon data which means that you can not apply your skill to vehicles that have already been scouted. Passing enemy coordinates takes time so you may only use the “scouting” feature after a specific “cooldown” period, this applies even if you have not been successful in your reconnaissance (Realistic mode only). Skill cooldown time in RB is longer than in AB and has an extra penalty if it's failed.

Other changes include:

  • Ability to repair a tank. Now the players on this kind of vehicle have the opportunity to help with repair for all allies and not only squad members.
  • ‘Scout” vehicles will have additional modifications for research:
  • Airstrike – in Arcade this will permit the scout to join any air battle started by your teammates. This will not be limited to a fighter – you will be able to use an attacker or a bomber even though your team has already begun the battle. Your opponent will have an opportunity to add an additional fighter though.
  • In Realistic mode this modification will additionally reduce SP requirements to use aircraft in combined battles.
  • Improved optical sights will increase the spotting distance by 30% in all modes.


  • Tracer brightness has been corrected


  • French tank Char B1 in both modifications received authentic engine sound.
  • Economy and research
  • The possibility of getting winter camouflage for the E-100 by completing tasks has been added (link)
  • T-V – Winter camouflage has been added.

Stay tuned for more details on the War Thunder Winter Event shortly.