Warhawk Beta Hands On

Sony’s first online multiplayer shooter, Warhawk, is truly a wonder in the eyes of most gamers. Just starting the game up and hearing the opening theme while navigating the menus sets the feel that your about to jump into: a massive and brutal battle.

Video 1: Warhawk Menu Systems

Once spawned you quickly realize the staying still and admiring the beautiful crisp graphics wont help your team claim victory. You have to take the battle to the opposition. Hopping into the nearest jeep and gunning it towards the nearest enemy flag is barely a minute ride, unless you take a pit stop to finish destroying a flaming jeep.

Video 2: Driving around the Country-side

Loading a new map takes only seconds, giving you enough time to check out your score for the last round or quit to go to a new server. After a little exploring of the base we found a new plane to fly and a nice place to test some of the explosive elements; some of which can cause a chain of explosions.

Video 3: A New Base

The flight controls take a bit of getting used to but having the SixAxis motion turned on does help. My first flight was a bit shaky but after a while you learn how to soar with the birds.

Video 4: First Flight

Of course learning how to fly with a bunch of more experienced enemy pilots leads to a quick death. At least in the end it leads to a really cool explosion.

Video 5: Dying while Flying

Overall the game looks and plays great, with about a month to go before release. The Beta is a relatively dated now, so we expect a lot of bugs to be ironed out, and a number of improvements made. With up to 32 people playing on the same server there is no reason to be disappointed – any gamer who wants a complete and enjoyable experience from one of the best online multiplayer shooters should pick up Warhawk this August on Blu-ray or via PlayStation Store.