Warhawk Expansion "Operation: Omega Dawn" details

If there is one game that is a must have for every PlayStation 3 owner, it is Warhawk. This expansive multiplayer title allows up to 32 players to team up online for intense battles that is surely going to give memorable moments. Being a title of much importance to the PS3 online community, it must evolve to keep things fresh and interesting. That is why Incog Entertainment, the minds behind Warhawk, is proud to say that a downloadable expansion pack will become available in the next few days.

Operation: Omega Dawn, the new expansion pack will feature a brand new vehicle, the KT-424, a Combat Dropship that carries one pilot, six soldiers and one ground vehicle. The Dropship will feature a weapon, the MBEC-3 Heavy Support Cannon. Omega Dawn will include a new level, Omega Battlefield, which will include 5 distinct map layouts.

"The Dropship act as a multiplayer Boss character, similar to those found in single player games, and creates memorable moments where seven players are operating in smooth coordination."

Players should be excited for the fact that the new Dropship will also be available in the largest maps from the original game. Sounds like this new dropship should add much depth to an already deep experience.

The expansion will be available to download this month and will cost $7.99.

Stay tuned for more information.