Watch Dogs Legion’s Online Mode Gets A March PS4/PS5 Release Date With Seasonal Progression, City Events, Co-Op Missions


Watch Dogs Legion‘s online mode has been detailed finally and given a March 9, 2021, release date for PS5 and PS4, free of charge to all players.

The mode allows you to squad up with your friends and take down crime together. The online experience begins with the New Resistance free-roam mission, before opening up and dropping you into an instance with your friends or random players.

Your goal is to build an army of NPC allies while finishing missions and earning influence points to increase your rank and earn exclusive cosmetics. This all includes seasonal progression, with cosmetic rewards. XP gained will also roll over into the next season, slowly growing your character.

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Watch Dogs Online does offer solo missions, which are short 5-8 minute tasks, while co-op missions for two to four players include new mechanics. Leader Of The Pack is a four-player Tactical Operation requiring teamwork and efficiency. This is made up of 5 interconnected story missions, acting as endgame content. PvP is also being added with this update, with Spiderbot Arena having four players compete in a free-for-all deathmatch while controlling Spiderbots.

This all sounds great and will hopefully add a bit more to the experience for players. You can read our PS4 review of the game here to get our full thoughts on the experience.

Watch Dogs Legion Online releases for PS5 and PS4 on March 9, 2021.