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Watch The New PS Plus Ad As Sony’s Revamped Service Hits Australia, EU & New Zealand

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially rolled out its revamped PS Plus service in multiple regions including Australia, EU, and New Zealand today. To celebrate, the console manufacturer has rolled out an impressive new trailer to celebrate.

Check it out below.

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The new PS Plus offers a three-tier subscription service to choose from, beginning with PS Plus Essential. This is basically the same PS Plus that you’re familiar with, while PS Plus Extra adds a bunch of additional games for PS4 & PS5 by combining existing PS Plus & PS Now titles into one package.

Finally, the most expensive option is PS Plus Premium, which includes all of the above plus a wealth of retro games spanning PS3, PS2, PS1 and PSP.

Speaking of retro games, Sony confirmed overnight that it will be giving users in PAL regions the chance to switch to 60Hz for PSOne titles, as many of them currently at the slower 60Hz.