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Watch the Sony press conference E3 2016: Live

It’s almost upon us. E3 2016 kicks off on June 14, but before PSU brings you a wealth of hands-on impressions of the latest PlayStation 4 titles, we’ve got a few press conferences to soak up first, the biggest of which is undoubtedly Sony’s presser on June 13.

What games will Sony showcase at E3 2016?

As always, speculation has been running rampant the past few months as to what Sony has up its sleeves, and true to form, they’re keeping mum on the matter. However, we do know that Detroit will be there in some capacity, and we’d bet some fair dough on The Last Guardian and Horizon: Zero Dawn getting some new updates. Beyond that, expect a boatload of new game announcements; Naughty Dog could unveil some Uncharted 4 single-player details, or possibly even a Last of Us 2 teaser, and God of War 4 is hotly tipped to appear at the show. Sony Bend’s new game has a good chance of showing up, too.

Where can I watch the Sony press conference E3 2016?

To make your life easier, PSU will be hosting a dedicated live stream of the conference for your viewing pleasure. Just bookmark this page and pop back here when the show kicks off.


What time does the Sony press conference E3 2016 start?

Sony will kick off its E3 2016 press at approximately 6.00pm PST/9.00pm EST/2.00am BST/3.00am CET. Obviously, that means some of you will be staying up until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. 

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