What Is The Ideal Internet Speed For Streaming?

The internet is just another necessity in our lives. We say that after our observation of the world around us and how everything we do is interconnected with the internet in one way or another. Think about it. When we feel hungry, we order food, when we want to get a gym membership, we check out the gyms near us, etc.

Similarly, this also applies to our professional lives, like when we are looking for a job or if we are looking to update our skillset. So, we must have a good internet connection!

The toughest thing about getting a good internet connection is finding the right speed that’ll fit you. Whether you use the internet primarily for working or there is one connection that the entire household shares, every person has a different set of requirements and demands. In this article, we intend to talk about the internet speed needed for streaming.

What is Streaming?

What does streaming mean exactly? The term ‘streaming’ is used for watching content and listening to media on devices. Once upon a time, we used the TV to stream or watch our favorite shows and movies. Whether we used cable TV or satellite TV, it doesn’t matter. At this point, you might be thinking that the word streaming is generally used for gaming. That is true as well. You can stream games, movies, music, and other content.

Okay, but how do you usually stream? You can stream content by using a device like a TV, tablet, smartphone, or laptop. Aside from a device, you need a good internet connection and the app or platform where you will be streaming. For example, you can stream movies and shows on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc. For music, you can stream on YouTube or Spotify, and for gaming, you can do it on Twitch or Discord.

Internet Speed for Streaming

To stream any content, you need a specific speed range for the internet connection. Depending on every platform and the quality of the video you are getting, the speed you need differs. So, if you are planning to stream content from different platforms regularly, then you need to take all of that into consideration.

Usually, when we talk about internet speed, there is this one term that we use a lot: Bandwidth. So, what is bandwidth, and is it the same thing as speed? Bandwidth refers to the rate at which data is transferred. Bandwidth and internet speed are two different things, but they are often used interchangeably.

Coming back to internet speed, there are two types of speed for the internet: Upload speed and download speed. Usually, when you’re streaming, the download speed is the one you are using for the most part. How good the result of your video and audio is and how smoothly the movie plays without any hiccups, this is all thanks to the download speed. The upload speed is often used when sending data while playing a game or sending files to somebody.

Now, on to the obvious question: Why is speed important when streaming? A good and speedy internet connection means that you won’t be facing any connectivity issues or even any content quality issues. A lesser internet speed means your video will be low quality and you will have to deal with lagging and freezing multiple times.

So, to avoid the hassle of dealing with these things repeatedly, it is better to get a good reliable internet connection to begin with. And if you think it is too expensive, think of it this way that a good internet plan is like an investment. The peace and convenience you get with it are incomparable. So, take a look at the table below to get an idea of the internet speed you need depending on the streaming service you are using.

Streaming Service/Video QualityRecommended Bandwidth
Netflix (SD video)3 Mbps
Netflix (HD Video)5 Mbps
Netflix (4K video)25 Mbps
Amazon Prime Video (SD video)8 Mbps
Amazon Prime Video (HD video)3.5 Mbps
Disney Plus (HD Video)5 Mbps
Disney Plus (4K video)25 Mbps
Twitch (1080p video)4 – 6 Mbps
Hulu (HD Video)3 – 6 Mbps

All the recommended speeds mentioned above are for one device connected to the internet only and so if there are many other people at home or devices that you need to connect to, then be sure to add up the speed per device. You can also just refer to the customer service agents and ask them to guide you to the best internet speed.


So, have you figured out the speed you need yet? It is most definitely a confusing pick and if you don’t understand which to pick or need some help, you can always check out BuyTVInternetPhone or by calling at 844-207-8721.