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Where Can I Pre-Order The PS5 In The UK?


Now that the PlayStation 5 is available for pre-order and pre-registration many have been asking ‘Where can I pre-order the PS5 in the UK?‘ Well, this article has everywhere you can pre-order the PS5 in the UK.

Where Can I Pre-order The PS5 In The UK? – Everywhere You Can Pre-order the PS5 In The UK

You can currently pre-order the PS5 in the following places in the UK.

UPDATE 19/11/2020 – Stock of both consoles has been spotted on Amazon UK, Tesco, John Lewis

More place will be added in the coming days and weeks as we get closer to the launch and Sony sends units out to more stores. Sony are reportedly set to limit the amount of PS5’s produced this year, so you will want to get in on the pre-order as soon as you can.

The PS5 releases on November 19, 2020.