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Where Is Our Ghostrunner PS4 Review?


So, you might be excited for a first-person cyber-action game called Ghostrunner, releasing on October 27, 2020. And, whilst some reviews are out there right now, we thought we would answer a question some of you will have, particularly “Where is our Ghostrunner PS4 review?

Our GhostRunner PS4 review isn’t ready yet as PS4 review codes for the game were not available prior to launch, so we haven’t been able to check Ghostrunner out just yet. However, we will be playing it over the week, so expect our review either this weekend or early next week, where we will give you our full impressions of the promising-looking title.

Right now the game is sitting at a strong 82 on Metacritic, with the majority of reviews being positive. These reviews highlight how the game is a challenging yet thrilling experience and manages to stand on the shoulder of titles like Mirror’s Edge and Dishonored, whilst also setting itself apart.

Ghostrunner releases for PS4 on October 27, 2020, and PS5 in 2021.