Which PS5 feature is most important to you?

As soon as a new console launches, speculation begins about the next new piece of technology. Remember these PS5 hardware concept images that surfaced barely weeks after PS4 launch?

PS5 release date

If we take a look through PlayStation history, the gap between console launches has been approximately five to six years, though the wait for the arrival of the PS4 came seven years after the launch of PS3. Though Sony hasn’t followed a set pattern, it seems likely that the PS5 release date will arrive 5-7 years after the launch of the PS4. So, we’re looking at somewhere between 2018-2020.

Which PS5 feature would you most like?

The information we’d like to gather at this point, is what PS5 features you’d most be interested in? Are you looking for a more stable online infrastructure perhaps, or PS5 games that blow you away with their level of realism?

If there isn’t a PS5 feature listed below that you would like to see, let us know in the comment’s section.

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