Why Betway Casino is the Best Choice for PlayStation Players

Ready to expand your gaming skills beyond the PlayStation? Look for a legit online casino. You’ll find hundreds of slots and card games, many of which don’t require complex skills and strategies to win.

Betway casino is a prime example. Established in 2005, Betway has been around long enough to know what gamers like and dislike. And for that reason, it’s armed with enough features to provide a wonderful experience to new and veteran PlayStation fans. Here’s what we mean.

High-Quality Games

Like the PS4 and soon the PS5, Betway provides nothing short of exceptionally high-quality games. What’s more, it has a large variety of them: Slots, video poker, roulette, blackjack, bingo, baccarat and lotto.

Many of these games also come in several types. So, poker fans can choose among Hi, Hi-Lo, Texas Hold’em and Caribbean Poker. In contrast, Blackjack players can choose Switch, Vegas Strip, Spanish 21 and European Blackjack.

The only inconvenience, and it’s a small one, is that you have to pick games carefully. There are too many of them and you want to play the best. As a result, you must take time to choose high-paying, beautiful and easy to play games.

The good people over at can help you learn how to choose slots based on familiar PlayStation titles. They also have a comprehensive review of Betway, which sheds more light on how the betting site works.

Lots of Bonuses

One of the best parts of playing PS4 video games is that you earn drops and freebies for completing missions and winning competitions. Betway has a similar reward system. When you sign up, you receive a bonus worth 100% of your first deposit up to £250.

Imagine what you can do with an extra £250 in your account. You could play every slot based on a video game: Hitman, Tomb Raider, Call of Duty, and Resident Evil. Or you use the bonus to test new titles.

And guess what? Betway’s bonuses don’t end with the first deposit. It has more rewards for loyal customers. Sometimes you get a bonus for funding your account. Sometimes you receive points you can later redeem into bonuses.

Esports Betting

In this era of eSports, there are numerous ways to have fun with video games. You can invite a friend over if you still play games the traditional way. Or you can play your favourite titles online. If you want to make, you can also use Betway for eSports betting.

For the uninitiated, eSports betting works like regular sports betting. You pick a sport and league—say the ePremier League for FIFA 20 fans. Then you can bet on pro-gamers that represent each of the top twenty Premier League teams.

With FIFA 20, Betway has bet types that mirror regular sports. For League of Legends, CSGO and Fortnite, what you can predict varies. For example, you could get odds on the number of kills, winner, flags, and the time it takes to get a win.

Smooth Payments

If you’re like many PlayStation fans, you have spent money on a game at least once. Some people buy cosmetics nearly every week. And that’s mainly because PS4 makes it a breeze to complete micropayments.

Payments at Betway are equally smooth. You can deposit as little as £10 through Visa; MasterCard, Skrill, Bank transfer or Neteller. The maximum you can top up can be as high as £5000 for Skrill and £50,000 for most other options.

When you win money at Betway, there’s no schedule on when you can withdraw it. You can withdraw a minimum of £5 if you use Click and Buy or £100,000 with Skrill, Visa and other banking options.

Seamless Gaming Interface

Sony promises an incredibly advanced user interface with the PlayStation 5 console. So, it might be hard to beat. But when you compare the PlayStation apps and website with the Betway casino, they are equally smooth to use.

Betway uses a personalized approach in which customers play at websites dedicated to their countries. As a result, British customers have a site dedicated to England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland.

They also get a site with British-based customer service staff and games inspired by the UK culture. When it comes to using the Betway app, it can feel overwhelming due to having too many games and sports.

But it’s well-organized. It loads pretty fast and has an engine that runs games smoothly. You could use a computer or mobile device to play Betway games. The UI experience will be equally delightful.

Ironclad Security

People lose their PlayStation Network accounts to hackers often. But Sony does an amazing job of helping them recover their funds and data. It also lets you enhance security for your account by adding Two-Factor Authentication.

Because Betway falls into a regulated industry, its security systems are ironclad. There are almost no cases of hackers infiltrating the casino. To get started with, Betway doesn’t store money online.

So, even in the event of a hack, attackers couldn’t take away money from the website. Instead, players’ cash is kept in a separate bank account. To protect user data, Betway collects only the most important bits of information.

It also gives you an option to select the data you want the company to collect. Another security measure is encrypting your information. Then it lets you secure your account through an email and password and option Two-FA authentication.

Solid Reputation

Like PlayStation, Betway earned its global success by providing high-quality services. And by being exceptional, it earned a solid reputation from millions of fans. The best part about Betway is that it excels in both the major services and minor things.

For example, it’s licensed and secure—basic requirements for a legitimate casino. On top of that, it provides high-paying games, regular bonuses and quick payments. These are services casinos choose to offer or not.

Of course, it isn’t without flaws. The site’s payouts could be quicker. And it could add more games. But overall, it’s a commendable casino.