Why God of War on PS4 features a new camera angle

Speaking during an interview with Gamereactor, Sony Santa Monica’s Mihir Sheth and Jeet Shroff explained the developer’s reasons for switching to a more intimate camera angle for the upcoming God of War.

The pair explained that the camera, which follows closely behind protagonist Kratos, affords a more intimate storytelling opportunity, as well as bringing a new dimension to combat. It also means that set pieces will take on a whole different feel than previous God of War titles. 

So one of the things we’re really striving for is to create a very immersive player experience, which is seamless,” the duo said. “So we’re going to be exploring many ways we can maintain that very close, but intimate experience for the player, but also very seamless as we transition from cinematics to the gameplay.

The close camera gives us opportunities for not only intimate and personal storytelling, but it influences combat in a different way, we’re looking at different avenues of how we can use both the camera, but also the combat experience molded around it,” they added.

I think with the new perspective that we have, we get a lot of opportunity, and that’s a fun challenge for us as a studio. And one of the challenges for us as a studio is, how can we make even one enemy seem threatening and bigger than ever before? And that’s the way we approached the troll. And I think when we do that, we find new things, we find that having it close, you really feel as though Kratos is in danger. And so, when we approach spectacle and approach cinematics, we’re going to be seeing them in a moment we haven’t seen them before.”

God of War storms Sony’s E3 2016 press event, Kratos returns to manage his rage

Sony announced God of War during the opening moments of its E3 2016 press conference, confirming a Norse mythology setting for the title as well as the return of series protagonist, Kratos. 

This time around however, the now-bearded anti-hero is accompanied by a pint-sized companion in the shape of his young son, who Kratos is teaching to fend for himself in the wilderness. The muscle-bound warrior is also going to be able to manage his rage for the first time, too.

Sony Santa Monica has revealed that the game will not feature a multiplayer component, and that this will not be the final title to feature Kratos. It also confirmed that the character’s new direction for God of War was partly inspired by a canceled Star Wars TV show

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