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Why is Miles Morales in the new Spider-Man PS4 game?

miles morales spider man ps4

Following the stunning Spider-Man PS4 trailer and gameplay footage from E3 2017 this week, many fans were stunned to spot the appearance of Miles Morales right at the end of the video.

Miles was – for those who don’t follow Spider-Man lore – the replacement for Spider-Man after Peter Parker died in the comic books. However, we’ve already seen that Peter Parker will feature in Spider-Man PS4, so why is Miles also in the game?

Insomniac Community Director, James Stevenson, has acknowledged the presence of Miles Morales via Twitter. However, he doesn’t go into any detail as to whether his appearance was just a bit of fun for the trailer or whether Miles will play an integral part in the web-slinging action-adventure.

With Peter Parker apparently fronting the game as Spider-Man, could we possibly see a point in the game where we switch to playing as the Spider-Man version of Miles Morales?

Spider-Man PS4 wowed the crowds at E3 this week, and shortly afterwards Marc Cerny (lead producer and architect of PS4) revealed that the game will be elevated on PS4 Pro to ‘full-on 4K’.

Though Insomniac Games has yet to confirm a release date, the launch window for the new Spiderman game will be 2018.