Wild Arms producer wants to bring sequel to PS4, PS Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) Producer  Kentaro Motomura has said he’s keen to bring the Wild Arms series to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Speaking during a Q&A with the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (via DualShockers), Motomura-san expressed his desire to see the exploits of the “migratory birds” (the term used to describe Wild Arms’ adventures) to Sony’s new console and handheld.

Interestingly, Wild Arms came second only to Final Fantasy in a reader poll asking fans what series they’d most like to see a sequel for.

Elsewhere, Motomura-san — who also worked on titles such as Jeanne d’Arc and Soul Sacrifice — confirmed that he’s working on a new title, though wouldn’t divulge any further details beyond the fact it hasn’t been completed yet.

Wild Arms was originally released for the PlayStation in Japan back in 1996, and later made the transition to the U.S. and Europe in 1997 and 1998, respectively. A remake of the game was made available for PlayStation 2 in 2003.

The game spawned numerous sequels, the last of which, Wild Arms 5, hit stores in Japan in December 2006 and hit western regions a few years later.

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