WipEout Omega Collection beta starts tomorrow, file size confirmed

wipeout beta

 A WipEout Omega Collection beta starts tomorrow, May 4, but only for those who have been invited.

A selection of invited gamers from the private beta community have received their emails from Sony confirming that they’ll be racing around the sci-fi tracks on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday with 1.5 hours of gameplay per day.

The WipEout Omega Collection file size is 23GB, and beta players are getting access to the full campaign apparently, though it’s possible the final version may be larger following updates after the beta.

If you didn’t get an invite, you’re out of luck. If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.

The WipEout Omega Collection brings together all of the anti-gravity racing track and ship content from WipEout HD, Fury, and 2048. The release date is set for June 7, 2017.