World of Tanks PS4 release date is January 19

 After stints on PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, World of Tanks will make its PS4 debut on January 19.

The imminent release date comes on the back of two open multiplayer betas, the second of which ran this past weekend. Our time with the beta revealed a game rich with complexity and different roles one can play. It’s unlike any other major multiplayer title in the PlayStation space, and despite its nuance, newcomers are very welcome.

World of Tanks pits two teams of 15 against each other in tank-on-tank vehicular warfare. Five tank classes are available to choose from, and each class brings a dramatically different feeling and role to the battlefield.

As a free-to-play game, World of Tanks is generous with its unlockables. You can unlock every tank model in the game without paying a dime, but among the things you can purchase are in-game currency, a “Premium” account that earns XP a bit faster, and “Premium tanks” that earn “free XP,” a universal currency that can be used to level up any tank. Typically, the XP you earn while using a tank can only be applied to packages and upgrades within that tank line.

As it moves to PlayStation 4, developer Wargaming has special offers for the PlayStation nation. For starters, PlayStation Plus is not required to play, but PS Plus members will get access to an exclusive Premium tank alongside periodic offers and sales. Meanwhile, everyone who logs in before January 31 will get the U.S. T1E6-PS added to their garage. Let the tank wars commence!

By the way, you can enter a contest to win a World of Tanks-themed PS4 and two tickets to PAX East. For more on the game, check out our guide to the 5 tank types and our interview with Wargaming about the new player experience. Stay tuned for our full review after the game goes live.