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World War Z: Aftermath Gets New Gameplay Trailer

World War Z: Aftermath will be coming to PS4 this fall, and PS5 sometime after that, and while we still don’t have a confirmed release date more specific than that, we do have a new gameplay trailer with a developer narrating and detailing more of the game.

The trailer was released via IGN. and includes an overview of different aspects of the gameplay like new locations, deeper backgrounds on the characters you play as, and returning characters from previous episodes of World War Z.

You can watch the new gameplay overview trailer for World War Z: Aftermath coming to PS4 and PS5 for yourself, right here:

The trailer also details a new class called the Vanguard, multiple new weapons being added to your arsenal and a new dangerous enemy, rats.

While we won’t see this game come to PS5 for some time, the trailer does at least re-enforce the fact that when it does release, we’ll be playing it in full 4K at 60 FPS.

Source – [IGN]