WWE ’13 Inside the Ring with Bryan Williams

WWE’s YouTube channel have uploaded a full match for WWE enthusiasts to enjoy, featuring current superstar Daniel Bryan and WWE Legend X-Pac from the Attitude Era.

WWE 13 focuses on the Attitude Era, replacing its Road to Wrestle Mania Mode story line for more famous ones during the Attitude Era.

The game features six main Single Players Stories:

– Raise Hell as Stone Cold Steve Austin
– Lay the Smackdown with The Rock
– Break it Down as Degeneration X
– Cause destruction as Kane and Undertaker
– Relive the madness of Mankind
– Seize the gold at Wrestle Mania X as Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart

Universe mode returns bigger and better with Paul Heyman assisting; new feature’s include branching story lines, use of custom content and the ability to change existing arenas.

Other features WWE 13 include:

– Spectacular Moment’s allow ring breaks,barricade breaks, announce table breaks and catching mid air finishers

– Six Divas on screen at a time
– Realistic sound from Fans reacting to matches
– Weight detection system so superstars like Rey Mysterio can’t pick up Big Show

Create a Finisher expanded so now you can create other moves such as grapples and strikes

Championship editor allows the player to edit 3 existing belts

Online Players can test out creations before downloading them and AI will fill in missing players from matches.

Predator Technology 2.0 which introduces a whole new set of tweaks and updates to the move sets and animations.

WWE 13 releases October 30th Will You Live The Revolution?