Xbox boss spreads the PS4 love with Horizon Zero Dawn appreciation


Microsoft executive Phil Spencer has spread some multiformat love on Twitter this week, name-checking a number of major released and upcoming titles spanning not just Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch to boot. 

The Xbox bigwig was Tweeting about how we should celebrate games spanning all formats, as it’s healthy for the industry. Among those named include the upcoming PS4-exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games, which hits the U.S. later this month.

“Good games shipping are positive for industry. Forza Horizon 3, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Civilization 6, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Overwatch etc all make gaming better, celebrate them,” said Spencer.

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Horizon: Zero Dawn is scheduled for release on February 28 in North America and in Europe on March 1. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting that is inhabited by mechanical beasts, with players controlling Aloy, a seasoned hunter who is tasked with hunting down these hulking adversaries in hopes of salvaging their vital components to fuel humanity’s survival effort.

Sony has said that it is hopeful Horizon may spawn a major new franchise for the console maker, though stopped short of confirming a sequel is in development. If Horizon 2 does happen though, it may well end up having a different protagonist altogether. That’s a shame too, as we reckon Aloy has what it takes to become the next big PlayStation Icon.