XCOM 2 PS4 release date delayed

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of XCOM 2 has been delayed by three weeks, Take-Two said during its quarterly earnings call overnight.

Originally pencilled in for a September 6 release, XCOM 2 will now show up a little later than expected, with Take-Two chief Karl Slatoff stating that the delay is to "ensure the game is fully polished at launch and meets the team’s high standards."

XCOM 2 release date moved to late September


As a result of the delay, XCOM 2 will now roll out for Sony and Microsoft’s current-generation home consoles in the U.S. on September 27 and in Europe on September 30. 

It’ll be worth the wait though, as the console iteration of the alien invasion title will boast a number of new features and improvements not present in the PC original. Sadly, mod support for PS4 has yet to be confirmed. 

Developed by Firaxis Games, XCOM 2 is the follow-up to the 2012 outing XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which itself was a reboot of the franchise. Set 20 years after its predecessor, the sequel sees humanity having lost the initial war against the invading alien race, and is now forced to set up a resistance force in an attempt to quell the attacker’s occupation of the planet. 

XCOM 2 was originally released on the PC back in February 2016, receiving glowing reviews from critics at the time.