Yakuza 5 titled, detailed

SEGA has slapped an official title on its forthcoming PS3 Yakuza project, confirming the game will be known in Japan as Ryu ga Gotoku: Of The End – that’s Yakuza: Of The End to us westerners.

In addition, the developer also lifted the lid on six supporting characters that will play a significant role in the sequel. They are as follows:

Tetsuo Nikaido (a member of the Oumi Clan), Tomoaki Nagahama (a “wicked” individual affiliated with the Tojo Clan), Misuzu Asaki (Yakuza: Of The End’s heroine), DD (a character shrouded in mystery who holds the key to the game’s story), Oya-san (restaurant owner), Daigo Dojima (a returning character from the second game).

Joining the above will be series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, as well as familiar faces Goro Majima (a regular since the series’ inception), Ryuji Goda (Yakuza 2) and Shun Akiyama (Yakuza 4).

SEGA is expected to divulge a heap of info on the game at the Tokyo Game Show next week, so stay tuned for more details.