Yamauchi admits GT5 could be released "any time we want"

Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi has reiterated that the developer could effectively release Gran Turismo 5 at any time, though admitted the reason this hasn’t happened is due to the fact he wants to take the racer “beyond gamer expectations.”

Speaking to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine (translated by the folks at, Yamauchi-san commented, “The scale of this title is just dizzying, so daily progress is slow, but it’s still going forward at a steady clip,” adding, “All the basic stuff is complete, but we’re trying to give everything that little bit extra at present.”

“We could release it any time we want, really, but I want to have that classic GT-style ‘did we really have to go this far?’ feel going. I want to go way beyond gamer expectations.”

Gran Turismo 5 is scheduled for release in Japan on March 31, 2010. A western release date has yet to be pinned down.