Yesterday Origins Preview – PS4 gets a modern new adventure game

Yesterday Origins is a puzzle adventure game featuring off-beat humor and a bizarre tale.

The following impressions were made following a press trip to Paris, paid for by the publisher.

Yesterday Origins PS4 impressions

Created by the developers at Pendulo Studios and published by Microids, Yesterday Origins puts you in the shoes of John Yesterday as he tries to discover a fix for his immortality: Though he is an immortal being, it is has its drawbacks. Any time he dies, he is resurrected, losing any memories of what he did during his life. However, his girlfriend Pauline, who is also immortal, does not lose any of her memories when she is resurrected.

creepy ogre getting angry

The main demo that was shown was based on the Spanish Inquisition. John had been imprisoned for having knowledge on every language, and because of this he was accused of being Satan’s son and was put in jail with what seems to be a corpse and a pig. Once the stylish comic book-esque cutscene was over, with some nice graphical details and environments, the game adopts a 3D-style. You can examine every room, talk to every NPC, and spend a lot of time using the new 3D objects system by holding ‘X’ and moving the analog stick around.

This is the main progression system in Yesterday Origins: combining objects and finding unique uses for them. In the demo was a guard that would not let them through, but by talking to him they found out the pig in the cell has a taste for human blood. So by looking around you can find a torture device that is able to cut you, and a dirty rag. There was also a demon frog, which is poisonous and causes hallucinogenic effects to the person who consumes its liquid when squeezed. By combining the frog with a cup found earlier, you are able to make a way to distract the guard. First you use the device to cut yourself, then wrap the tissue around the cut. The game will actually question why you are cutting yourself. Each action you do needs to fit a requirement or the game won’t let you progress, hence why you need to talk to everyone and examine everything. Though there aren’t multiple difficulty modes, players who wish to make it slightly more challenging have several options that allow you to turn off tool-tips and other features to make the game more like the old school style gameplay.

two characters from the game

During the story campaign you will be able to visit several varied locations from the past to the present time, which includes Paris, Spain, Amsterdam, and Scotland. Due to the puzzles being quite challenging, the game can last from 12-50 hours, though speed running is also possible at 5-6 hours. The DualShock 4 was then showcased with sound effects coming from the controller and the light changing colour based on the lighting in the environment on screen, which are really nice touches.

horrible photographs

Yesterday Origins also seems to be running on the Unity Engine, which seemed to be running nice and smooth on the PS4. Though the game is not strictly point-and-click like a lot of Pendulo’s older titles (you have the ability to move around the 3D environments), the new style captures the spirit of classic titles but with a modern twist that keeps the gameplay fresh. I was very impressed with what I saw, with the stylish graphics and the 3D model inventory system leaving me looking forward to its release date on October 13, 2016.