You can now download and play the cancelled Saints Row PSP game for free

You can now play Saints Row: Undercover, a game that was in developed by Volition but later cancelled on Sony’s first handheld, entirely for free.

Saints Row: Undercover was originally going to be a PSP port of the open-world action game Saints Row 2, but soon developed into a fully-fledged sequel to the second game in the series.

The project, however, was never completed as the developer believed it didn’t meet the required standards. Rater than kept it tucked away in its archives though, Volition has now decided to allow fans of the series to play the unfinished game for free.

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Currently, Saints: Row Undercover can be played via a PSP emulator, though it’s entirely possible the files may run on a modded PSP.

The .ISO file can be downloaded from the following links:!SEsUiajb!o3F6i-RYQsFd5g1Qrm30rc4JWSRJeezNWdTgATo9ofg

Be warned though, the game is full of bugs and incomplete.

For more details on Saints Row: Undercover, including a look at the design documentation, check out