Young comedy genius shocks fast food chain with extreme PS4 stunt

Remember Andy Kaufman? Remember such elaborate ‘pranks’ as when he wrestled women and got into a brawl with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler? No? Okay, well remember Jeremy Beadle? No? Ashton Kutcher? Dax Shepard? Um, Impractical Jokers? No? Okay, well they were all masters of the pranks (Well, not the last one). All celebrated authors of the practical joke, the wild shenanigans, the wacky bantz, the downright crazy public stunt. None, however, are fit to lace the shoes of Max Clayton, the greatest artiste to come out of Plymouth since Robert Lenkiewicz.

What feat of comical madness has young Mr. Clayton unleashed upon the world? Well, brace yourself for this, it’s a doozy. He went to McDonalds, crazy, right? But that’s not even the height of his mania! No, he brought his telly! Cue up the mass scenes of hysteria…no, wait, it isn’t over! He also brought his PlayStation 4 along and played goddamn Monopoly! Right there! In McDonalds! The sheer bloody-minded audacity of it!

Mr. Clayton, who some sources call ‘A COMPUTER GAME NUT!’ due to a longstanding obsession with a Commodore 64 (or possibly, and more likely, it’s because said source doesn’t understand games in general) is no newcomer to ruffling the feathers of the establishment, having been pegged as ‘a very strange person’ and ‘a bit of a troublemaker’ by his entourage, Steven Anderson, who bravely aided the stunt.

Having found a plug socket, the risque comedy prodigy unnerved customers of the Marsh Mills branch of McDonalds by plonking his 32 inch tv down alongside his trusty PS4, eyeballing staff as he brazenly used the free wi-fi to get online.Then, in perhaps the most brutally hilarious moment of this most shocking of stunts, he played Grand Theft Flipping Auto V for a bit.

Clayton spent a whopping 45 minutes playing games whilst scarfing down a Big Mac. Shockingly, staff did not throw this absolute banterlord out, instead, they indulged him, only asking that he not play GTA in front of kids, some as young as four, because they would likely mock his inferior skills at GTA Online, and they did not have the facilities nor training to counsel upset adults.

For Mr. Clayton’s next stunt, he’s out to shake the very foundations of videogame-based comedy by playing on an NVIDIA Shield in Subway.

Courtesy of The Sun

Note – Original images removed due to copyright request.