Your Bets on Football: Is FC Inter Milan the Champion?

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While we may be halfway through the new season in Europe, that doesn’t mean we can’t reflect on the season’s achievements. We saw many teams succeed, and Italy was no exception, with the Suppercoppa Italia serving as a good example. Inter Milan, the Serie A champions, and Juventus, the Coppa Italia holders, will compete this week. Many fans use online slots real money in Canada to place bets hoping to win money if the team they bet on wins.

Inter Milan Club

The club has done an amazing job of improving on their title triumph this season in many areas, and this game will be a great measure of how far they’ve come. They are arguably one of the most exciting football clubs globally, and putting Juventus to the sword will give them a huge confidence boost moving into the rest of the championship battle. Darmian is likely to make his season debut, while Calhanoglu returns after completing his sentence. Inter, on the other hand, has no new injury concerns.


Last season, Juventus relinquished leadership of Italian football, and this season, they’re battling to gain a footing – and if they’re not cautious, a spell of mediocrity might befall them.

That seems extreme, but considering their managerial changes and the status of their first-team group, we don’t believe it’s too far-fetched. Chiesa’s season has tragically come to a grinding halt due to his ACL injury, which is Juve’s sole serious injury issue. They will, however, be without Cuadrado and de Light, who have both been suspended.

Consider the following factors:

  • Inter and Juventus drew 1-1 in their last encounter in October.
  • Inter has won five of their previous six games and lost one.
  • In their previous six games, Juventus has won four and drawn two.
  • For their last six games, Inter has scored 15 goals and surrendered three.
  • During their last six games, Juventus has scored 11 goals and surrendered five.

This will be more of a “showcase” than anything else, with both teams looking to make a strong statement against each other before the remainder of the season.

We anticipate a barrage of goals from left, right, and centre, with Inter emerging victorious, most likely by a ridiculous scoreline. It’ll be tight at times, but the quality difference between the two will be obvious. Inter Milan, on the other hand, is likely to win.

With so many wonderful alternatives to select from, deciding which football betting sites are ideal for you may be challenging. Fortunately, we’ll go through a few elements of each site that you should think about while narrowing down your top options.

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Pick a few Different Ones as a Bonus Tip

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