Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ear Force Sentinel Task Force PS4 Review

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ear Force Sentinel Task Force may be one hell of an elaborate name for a gaming headset, but its message is actually very plain and simple: do you play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? Are you in the market for a headset that complements that explosive audio experience? Well, step forward then soldier, we have something to show you…

Sitting in the mid-range of Turtle Beach’s vast array of gaming headsets, the Sentinel Task Force retails at £79.99 and is built specifically with Activision’s award-winning franchise in mind. The content of the package includes: the Task Force headset, a removable mic boom, the Sentinel Task Force amplifier, a quick start guide and a Turtle Beach sticker. Straight out of the box, it takes just a couple of minutes to set up, plugging it into the USB port of the PlayStation 4 and accessing the Settings menu on the XMB to ensure both game sound and chat are coming out of the headset.

The first thing to note is that the Sentinel Task Force is a wired headset solution, unlike its wireless Xbox One equivalent. And, unlike some other wired solutions, it doesn’t plug directly into the DualShock 4 controller, but has to be connected to the USB port on the front of the console. In fact, there are two sets of cables with a 10ft amplifier lead, hosting a Call of Duty-branded inline amplifier within easy reach, which connects directly to the console, and an auxiliary cord, which runs from the headset and plugs into the amplifier with a jack lead via a 3ft cord. It’s also worth noting that the auxiliary cord means that you can plug the headset into any device that has a Stereo 3.5mm port, such as a PlayStation Vita or a mobile phone. The fact that there’s so much chord length, a grand total of 13ft, does mean that if you sit fairly close to your console there’s a fair amount of unwanted wire, but it also means that there’s plenty of room to move further away from the console if need be and play from a much further distance.

In terms of design, the Sentinel Task Force is incredibly lightweight, while its cups feel light and airy, ensuring it’s comfortable to wear during long sessions. Emblazoned with the Call of Duty: AW logo on the outside of each cup (and the AW acronym on the side of the headband), Turtle Beach has opted to put its own branding inside the cups, running across the top of the headband. Aside from a splash of colour (white) from the branding, the headset is decked out in a black glossy sheen which gives it a stylish, albeit minimalistic, appearance. The mic boom slots into the headset and is flexible enough to bend to an angle that suits. The fact that it can be removed easily also means you can transport the headset without concern that the mic boom will snap off.

Situated on the auxiliary lead, the in-line amplifier doesn’t boast all the features that you’d expect from some top-of-the-range headsets, but everything works as well as it should and the inclusion of a bass boost is a very welcome feature. In addition to a mic mute feature and volume control, the bass boost function delivers a deeper, darker and more aggressive sound that takes the explosive action up a notch in terms of intensity with explosions and bass from in-game music really ramming home the action.

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Indeed, the 50mm drivers deliver a powerful sound with incredible bass, even with the boost turned off, which makes up for its lack of treble clarity. However, at midrange the headset performs impeccably well, delivering an all-round clear and punchy sound that amplifies the sounds of war impressively with gunfire sounding suitably loud and immersive, and explosions having real depth and ferocity. The only real downside is that external noise leaks through into the cups, although with the headset cranked up you’ll barely notice. In terms of the mic quality, there are no complaints as everyone we’ve asked has said our voices sound crystal clear.

Whether you decide to purchase the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Ear Force Sentinel Task Force Gaming Headset for PS4, will depend on a number of factors, the most important one being: do you play Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and/or want the franchise’s branding on your headset? The second would be whether you’re looking for a wired or wireless solution. We found it a little disappointing that the Xbox One equivalent of the same headset is wireless and available for the same price as the PS4 version, though we do know plenty of people prefer wired headsets. The third decision has to come down to price versus audio quality. At £79.99, the Sentinel Task Force isn’t cheap, but when you first put on the cans and boot up a game of CoD, or any other game that shows-off with its explosive audio, then you can’t fail but be impressed by its dramatic bass-heavy sound which suits this type of game perfectly.



The Final Word

Delivering a hefty bass sound that brings the explosions of war to life, the Sentinel Task Force is an impressive-sounding headset.