I Am Bread PS4 Review

From the creators of the original Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios, I Am Bread delivers a unique concept with players stepping into the role of a slice of bread that wants to become toast.

In campaign mode, the idea is to reach the goal of becoming toast by shuffling and flipping your slice of bread way across locations such as the bathroom, garage and bedroom in search for a heat source that can transform you into a piece of toast. You’ll find yourself climbing walls, using skateboards, bending around corners, and attempting to dodge any dirty areas which lower your quality meter – if it reaches zero you fail the level.

i am bread ps4

You also have a grip meter as this slice of bread has some real assassin’s skills with the ability to cling to any surface with its four corners and use its momentum to cross big gaps, climb walls or even stay on top of a skateboard and ride it like a pro. Once you have reached the allocated goal, which might be a toaster, an iron, or a burning TV you have broken with a bowling ball, you then activate a toast meter. If the meter reaches 100% you start to burn so need to make sure you switch sides before then, and become the perfect, edible piece of toast.

The basic controls are awkward to use. The four shoulder buttons of the DualShock 4 represent each side of the bread independently, so it takes some getting used to. So, if you want to flop forward for instance, you need hold down L2+R2 and then L1+R1. This isn’t easy to do, and things aren’t helped by the shifting camera angles, though it does start to feel a little more natural after spending more time with the game.

i am bread ps4

There’s a few modes to play, including Bagel Run, a simple time trial mode with your bagel trying to navigate a custom circuit made up from the campaign levels — these levels also unlock separately from the campaign, as with every other mode in I Am Bread. Bagel Run is the best mode in the game with a decent amount of replay value as you try and beat your previous score and use parts of the environment to cheat ahead to try and get the best time you possibly can.

Cheese Hunt allows you to play as a cracker that is trying to collect the different cheeses around the environment, but due to being a cracker you have a health bar and can break very easily, which can get quite annoying.. Zero G mode is interesting to say the least as you have to make your way through the kitchen with a jetpack while everything is floating in the air.

Rampage mode is great fun as you play as a baguette that has gone rogue and is now smashing up everything in its path. As you smash things you gain chain multipliers and also gain more points based on the different things you destroy. Sadly, this mode has huge frame-rate problems with it becoming an unplayable mess if too much is going on at the same time. Frame-rate issues also seep into other levels, particularly the garage map. When the level spawns, a football spawns near to you. If you knock the football forward left, this will chain smash most of the room, but the game feels like it drops down to single digits for the frame-rate, which makes it unresponsive and unplayable.

i am bread ps4

Though the other levels also suffer from a drop in frame-rate, the Garage is the only level I where it gets that bad. There is also a free roam mode allowing you to practice each of these different types of mode before aiming for better scores in the campaigns.

Overall, I Am Bread is a quirky title which is a good laugh, but it can be repetitive even with the variety of modes on offer. The control scheme is awkward, but definitely gets easier the more you play it, and during the sections where the frame-rate doesn’t drop it’s good fun trying to maneuver your piece of bread around some lovely-looking levels, and satisfying when you manage to create that perfect piece of toast.



The Final Word

I Am Bread is a sandwich short of a picnic, but it's the quirkiness that makes it fun. An awkward control scheme, repetition and frame-rate issues suck some of that fun away, but if you're up for a few laughs then you could do a lot worse than going on a quest to become toast.