The Wolf Among Us PS4 Review: Don’t be afraid of the remastered Bad Wolf

Returning to the scene of its 2013 nursery crime, Telltale Games has remastered and re-released its PlayStation 3 hit title The Wolf Among Us for PlayStaion 4. When PSU reviewed The Wolf Among US on PS3, we were mightily impressed by this point-and-click-adventure, but felt it had some issues. So, is this new version all just huff and puff? Or has Telltale managed to rally all the King’s horses and men to put it together again in a format fit for storybook royalty?

Please be aware this review will focus on The Wolf Among Us’ transition to the PS4. As the gameplay, controls and sound for the game have not changed, you can read about them in our review of the original game here. Please be aware if you haven’t played the game that our review does contain spoilers.

Telltale’s first improvement to The Wolf Among Us can be noticed as soon as the game begins, when you witness how quickly it moves along. It seems the slow loading times that the PS3 version was cursed with have been banished down the witching well, and the action now flows nicely with no discernible break as you move to a new chapter or scene.

As the story unfolds, it’s also noticeable that the graphics during busy scenes have lost their stutter and the action flows smoothly with no jarring pauses that could be so atmosphere-destroying in the PS3 version. Consequently, it seems that the game’s many clever QTEs unfold better, and the controls are a lot more responsive to your actions. In particular, the game’s time responsive fight sections actually made me feel like a Big Bad Wolf, and not like a gingerbread man (all stiff limbed and easily broken).

The only room for improvement in this great title is that the game’s graphics are a bit of a let-down. This isn’t to say that they don’t look great (they do), but it would have been nice to see some of the plain backgrounds given more detail, animated or peppered with richer textures to make them stand out more. The look of the PS3 version is fine when replicated on the PS4, but I couldn’t help but feel with just a few straightforward changes a good looking game could have become a fantastic looking one.

Overall, The Wolf Among Us on the PS3 was a great game with a few small problems that jarred but didn’t spoil the adventure. Now that Telltale has sorted these issues out for the PS4 version, it is a superb beast fully worthy your time and money.



The Final Word

The Wolf Among Us on the PS4 is a magnificent re-release that fans should enjoy. If you haven’t played it yet then add the game to your “to-play” list immediately.