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2 Days to Vegas
Sub Genre:
Third Person
Release Date (US):
Q1 2009
Release Date (UK):
Q1 2009
Online Players:
Steel Monkeys
RP [Rating Pending]
PSU Rank:
40 of 1166 Games
PSU Rank on PS3:
38 of 0 Games
Additional Information:
Also available on Xbox 360 and PC

About 2 Days to Vegas

The game takes place in Las Vegas where you resume the role of Vinny, a man who has been just released from Rickers Prision. You seek to start a new life of happiness and prosperity when you find out your younger brother Tony has got himself into serious trouble.

2 Days to Vegas News

  • 2 Days to Vegas: New PS3 title

    Best known for their work on Corvette, Bob the Builder, Master Rallye and Baja, the 40 plus Belarus-based developers at Steel Monkeys are currently working on a new project, titled 2 Days to Vegas.According to the official Steel Monkeys website, the main character named Vinny has a problem. In 2 Day...

2 Days to Vegas Features

  • Exclusive: New 2 Days to Vegas gameplay footage

    Continuing with our exclusive 2 Days to Vegas coverage, PSU has managed to nab two all-new gameplay videos on the upcoming action-shooter for your viewing pleasure. What you are about to see is still a work in progress, though it still provides an early insight into the shooting mechanics and variou...

  • PSU Exclusive: New 2 Days to Vegas screenshots

    As promised, PSU has obtained exclusive media for Steel Monkeys' hotly anticipated PlayStation 3 outing, 2 Days to Vegas. In our first of many features this week, we've decided to kick things off with a selection of brand new screenshots, giving readers a better insight into how the game has imp...

  • PSU Exclusive: 2 Days to Vegas content overload

    Over the next two days, we will be posting new media and details for Steel Monkey's 2 Days to Vegas. This will be an updated look at the game, featuring more polished graphics than you've seen previously and a first look at the game's shooting mechanics. For those of you who don't know, 2 Days to...

  • PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Gameplay Demo

    With our 2 Days 2 Vegas feature coming to an end, we'd like to quickly recap before showing the final video. Now remember once again that the game is still early in production, and this media was taken when the game was at 50% completion. 1. Announcement: 2 Days 2 Vegas in 2 Days 2. First Look a...

  • PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Mo-Cap Trailer

    For those of you who have seen the 2 Days 2 Vegas tech demo, we'd like to take things one step further and show off some of the advancements in Steel Monkey's motion capture technology. Currently Steel Monkey is working with the new generation GypsyGyro-18 MoCap equipment based on gyroscopic sens...

  • PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas Tech Demo

    Now that you have had a look at 2 Days 2 Vegas in still shots, here is the first look at the technology involved behind the title in motion. This is still a very early look, basically alpha or pre-alpha footage. As you will see in the tech demo, 2 Days 2 Vegas will include such technical features...

  • PSU Exclusive: First Look at 2 Days 2 Vegas

    Looking for something that might provide a more emotional and story driven experience than Grand Theft Auto? Perhaps a game that makes you feel like the choices you make effect the outcome of the storyline? Then 2 Days 2 Vegas should be at the top spot on your list. If you are looking for a gener...

  • PSU Exclusive: 2 Days 2 Vegas in 2 Days

    Starting on Monday, PSU will be releasing new details and media for 2 Days 2 Vegas, a highly anticipated title for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360* and PC. Combining large full scale cities, realistic AI simulation, and life-like visuals, 2 Days 2 Vegas should be a top competitor for the best sandbox ...

  • 2 Days 2 Vegas vs. GTA IV Visual Comparison

    The Grand Theft Auto titles have been considered to be some of the best sandbox games yet. GTA3 on PlayStation 2 set the standard for free roaming in a large world, with guns, whores, fast cars, wild missions and a storyline. Saint's Row put up a good fight when it was released on Xbox 360 last y...

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