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October 20th, 2009
Release Date (UK):
October 23rd, 2009
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Gearbox Software
2K Games
M [Mature]
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466 of 1166 Games
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334 of 0 Games
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Also available on PC and Xbox 360

About Borderlands

orderlands combines the best in first-person action with player customization and vehicular combat for incredible layers of gameplay depth. The game features a groundbreaking content generation system allowing for near-endless variety in weapons, item drops and character customization. Borderlands allows for multiple players to share the same game experience simultaneously online in co-op gameplay. Players can freely join or leave each other's games at anytime, or choose to play in the full single-player mode. These features, along with a rich and deep fiction that touches upon the mysteries buried beneath the surface of a danger-filled planet, combine to form a breakthrough experience that challenges the conventions of modern shooters.



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Borderlands is a perfect multiplayer RPG-Shooter that offers loot hounds hours of fun. It has its flaws, though, and its grinding sensibilities probably won't appeal to everyone.

We like

  • The co-op experience is one of the best on the market
  • The countless loot scattered through the world
  • The striking, artistic visual quality

We dislike

  • The repetitive quests
  • The lack of a strong storyline
  • Glitches that got us stuck in awkward situations

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The ever-growing first-person shooter and role-playing game crossover genre has received its latest addition with the release of Gearbox Software’s Borderlands. Set in Pandora, which has an old West style theme, you and three friends can set out on an epic adventure to do two things: kill lots of bad guys, and collect tons of loot. With a unique comic book style art theme, 100s of quests, and the promise of “bazill...

Borderlands News

  • Borderlands is September's free PS Plus game for North America

    Just in time for the release of Borderlands 2 on September 18, 2K Games has seen fit to add the first Borderlands to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection. When the PlayStation Store updates on September 4, PS Plus members will be able to download the sensational first-person-shooter/RPG loo...

  • Freelancer's CV hints at Borderlands 2

    Eagle-eyed blogger Superannuation has unearthed evidence that Gearbox Software’s busy chiselling away on a follow-up to Borderlands. The gossip comes via a freelancer’s resume listing, which suggests a sequel to the action/RPG epic is currently in development. Apparently, the chap in ...

  • Borderlands update 1.41 is live, eight new levels added

    Gearbox has released a Title Update for Borderlands, the hit first-person shooter RPG from last year. The biggest change you’ll see is the addition of eight new XP levels. Look for the enemies you fight along the wasteland to scale properly with your level. The update was teased last ...

  • Borderlands Game of the Year Edition dated for U.S.

    Gearbox Software has staple-gunned a U.S. release date to its upcoming Game of the Year Edition release of Borderlands, confirming the game will be released in the region on October 12. As well as including the full game, the GotY Edition will also incorporate all downloadable content released to...

  • New Borderlands DLC drops next month

    If you are looking to further extend your Borderlands experience, you’ll soon be able to get your hands on the “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution,” DLC, scheduled for release in September for $10 USD. The DLC story revolves around a Claptrap uprising, and vault hunters are ...

  • More Borderlands DLC on the way

    Take-Two "will continue to support  [Borderlands] with more add-on content," according to CEO Ben Feder. During the company's quarterly financial earnings call, Feder spoke on the success of the game's previous DLC with the latest release: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx being &quo...

  • Borderlands level cap set to increase 'soon'

    Fans of Borderlands may have a new increased level cap to look forward to according to a recent staff post on Gearbox’s forums. The post was made by one of the level designers and states that the team is currently working on the 'the biggest DLC we have made' as well as a new update that 'solv...

  • First Borderlands DLC out this year

    The first downloadable content for Borderlands, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, is scheduled for release later this year, 2K Games announced today. The DLC is being developed by Gearbox Software and will cost $9.99 USD. With the release of Borderlands coming to PlayStation 3 and other platforms ne...

  • Borderlands goes gold

    Gearbox has confirmed that its upcoming sci-fi romp Borderlands has officially gone gold, with the game shipping out to retailers across North America on October 26. A European release is due on October 30. Due out on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Borderlands fuses FPS-based gameplay with RPG elements, a...

  • Borderlands box art, the secret is in the brains

    They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You also probably shouldn’t judge a game by its box art, but Gearbox Software’s Borderlands box art looks unique enough to catch just about anyone off guard. The artistic box art features a man wearing what appears to be a gas ma...

Borderlands Features

  • [UPDATE] Competition - Borderlands (UK only)

    UPDATE: The competition has now closed and we have picked the winner via a random number generator. Congratulations to the following: #179 - Rich152 - "I am never drinking again..." The winner will be contacted in the next few days using the email address linked to their PSU account, wh...

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