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  • Defiance Collector's Edition U.K. giveaway

    Defiance fans take note! In celebration of the release of the open-world shooter’s Arkbreaker DLC pack this week, is giving away not one, but two of the content-rich Collector’s Edition release of Defiance. If you fancy getting your grubby mitts on one of these swanky bundles ...

  • Defiance pilot episode review - "one of the worst TV shows I have ever seen"

    As a fan of the Defiance MMO I sat down with eager anticipation to watch the first episode of the TV show wondering if it was going to be worthy of being linked to its videogame counterpart. The Defiance TV show has a lot to live up to, it's not supposed to be just another sci-fi drama but also lin...

  • Defiance: Can an MMO/TV show hybrid really work?

    “The Defiance TV show is a revolutionary weekly drama that impacts the game and gives you the chance to change the show,” reads the simplified summary of Trion’s and the Syfy channel’s ambitious experiment to interconnect the two worlds of an FPS MMO and science fiction TV se...

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