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Dungeon Defenders
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January 31st, 2011
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January 31st, 2011
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Reverb Publishing
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0 of 1166 Games
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A phenomenal co-op experience that greatly surpasses the less exciting single-player mode

We like

  • Coop works extremely well
  • Rewarding character development
  • A lot of bang for buck

We dislike

  • Slightly unorganized menus
  • Single player feels undriven

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While in the middle of playing Batman: Arkham City, I observed many of my friends playing a game called Dungeon Defenders. I looked at my Batman case and thought, "Why are they not playing this?" These friends told me that Dungeon Defenders was great, but they also told me it was a tower defense game. Definitely not my forte, but I respect their opinions. Never in my days would I have put a AAA game on the shelf to p...

Dungeon Defenders News

  • PS Vita Dungeon Defenders canned

    The PlayStation Vita version of Dungeon Defenders has been scrapped, developer Trendy Entertainment has confirmed. Writing in a post on its official website, the studio said that it has instead decided to use the resources that would have gone into making the PS Vita title on new projects. &ld...

  • Digital publisher licenses Epic's Unreal Engine 3

    Reverb Publishing, the digital publisher responsible for games like Dungeon Defenders, today announced it entered into a site licensing agreement to use Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine 3. Any developer signed with Reverb can now use the engine for games on the PlayStation Network, Xbox ...

Dungeon Defenders Features

  • Underrated: Trendy Entertainment puts a TD at the end of RPG

    In the gaming world, there is a lot of talk from gamers about game studios being “overrated.” Fans and haters of different critically acclaimed studios battle it out on forums all across the internet in a never ending flame war over which studio is overrated or why another studio isn't. ...

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